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The subject of the anthology is sickness, be it physical or mental. What  new diseases or contagions strike fear into your heart? What are some  horrific existing sicknesses that no one is talking about? What horrific  symptoms have not been explored? What effects are there to explore on a  person’s psyche? To what extent will one go to protect sick loved  ones—from the illness itself, from an abusive system of care, or from  consequences of their diseased actions? What happens when society uses  illness as a means of control? How does one cope when sickness changes  who a person is entirely? What happens when the world calls you sick,  but you aren’t suffering? What happens when you’re suffering, but no one  believes you’re sick? What are some historical horrors of medicine that  haven’t been explored: human test subjects, cruel surgery training,  battlefield triage?

We will be having a special guest editor - Kristi Petersen Schoonover!

What don’t we want? An anthology filled with plague doctor and pandemic  stories. This is also not the place for personal and biographical  recounting of the Covid-19 experiences.  We also don’t need rehashes of  The Stand, Swann Song, The Hot Zone, I Am Legend, or V-Wars, and we’ve  all seen and read countless disease-that-creates-zombies apocalypse  stories, so avoid those. They’ll be a hard sell.

And though we shouldn’t have to say it, nothing inappropriate with  animals or children. No extreme violence. Violence and sex should be for  the purpose of moving the plot, and not too graphic. This is not the  anthology for extreme horror or gore. Aim for R rated.

Reading period: 2/1/22 to 6/30/22 And 11:59 PM
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Please make sure your story is submitted in standard manuscript format.  Not familiar with standard manuscript format? Here’s a link: https://www.shunn.net/format/story/1/

Now you know. No excuses.

Word count should be 3K to 6K. Query for longer or shorter works.  Payment is a flat rate $70 for short stories, $50 for long form poems,  $25 for short form poems, one physical copy of the anthology and an  e-book. We’ll be looking for fifteen stories and likely 3 - 5 poems.  Payment to be made within 90 days of publication.

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